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It’s still magic even if you know how it’s done.

— Terry Pratchett

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Welcome to our book! We are actively working on it, so it is largely a work in progress.

Computers and computational work are essential components to conducting science and research. However, most introductions to software development and programming focus on largely on developing commercial applications and not often on the type of tasks and activities that researchers more commonly do, like exploring problems and answering questions. This book will cover how to create software as part of your research cycle. For researchers who build software packages, this book will help prepare you for being a [research software engineer][rse].

The course material was created using rmarkdown to write the lessons, bookdown to create the book format, GitHub to host the Git repository of the material, and GitHub Actions to create the website. The original source material for this book is found on the r-rse GitHub repository. For those interested in contributing, read the README.md for more information.